CS33: Introduction to Computer Organization – Fall 2022

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Instructor/TA Office Hours & Room Email   Piazza Day Lab Lead
Tony Nowatzki Eng.VI 472: M4-5pm, Th9-10am tjn cs.ucla.edu
Victor Zhang Boelter 3256: Tues 10:45am-12:45pm vzhang cs.ucla.edu Tuesday 1. Data Lab
Fred Chu Boelter 3256: Mon 1-2pm, Wed 6-7pm fchu[at]cs.ucla.edu Thursday 5. Thread Lab
Dylan Kupsh Boelter 3256: Thurs 4:30-6:30pm dkupsh@ucla.edu Monday 2. Bomb Lab
Salekh Parkhati Boelter 3256: T/Th 12:45-1:45pm salekh cs.ucla.edu Friday 4. Performance Lab
Aditya Mishra Boelter 3256: Monday 3-3:50 PM; Boelter 3256: Friday 4-5 PM; Discord (Ask for CS33 Role):https://discord.gg/zAqm8r4s89 admish@g.ucla.edu Wednesday 3. Attack Lab


In this course our aim is to introduce the key concepts of computer systems. We will learn the basics of many topics, including computer architecture, computer organization, operating systems and concurrency. First we build from the bottom up with detailed explanations of number systems, how they are employed in the instruction set architecture. Then, using x86 as an example, we explain how programs are represented to the hardware, how to view and manipulate these abstractions (eg. procedure calls, stacks, interrupts, and traps) directly in assembly language, and how operating systems provide virtualization and process management. We finally demonstrate how this knowledge applies to improving system security and performance of a real system.


CS31 and CS32 are official prereqs. It is possible to take CS32 and CS33 together, but it will significantly increase the difficulty of the course.